Zen Finans

Eks. Nominell rente 6,2%. Effektiv rente 6,65% ved lån på 2 mill. over 25 år, kostnad kr. 2.033.291, totalt kr. 4.033.291,-

  • Lånebeløp 10 000 - 15 000 000 kr

  • Effektiv Rente Fra 2,90 - 8,99 %

  • LØPETID 30 år

  • MIN. ALDER 21 år

  • Krav til alder: 21-70 år
  • Maks nedbetalingstid: 30 år
  • Sikkerhet i bolig
  • Nominell Rente fra: 2,99%
  • Lånebeløp min: 300.000
  • Lånebeløp max: 15.000.000
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Review of Zen Finans

Zen Finans was established in 2018 with a vision to help private individuals to a better economy and liquidity. Zen Finans is passionate about helping individuals and families get a tidier and smarter personal finances. With them, you meet knowledge of your situation, with solutions that best suit your needs.

Zen Finans also helps individuals who want to apply for their first mortgage or who want a mortgage with better terms.

The process at Zen Finans

Screenshot from ZenFinans.no

In a hectic everyday life, it is easy to lose control of your own finances. You can be assured that they will provide you with the best service on the market. Zen offers a simple, profitable and safe process to help you with your challenges.

  •  Fantastic feedback from their customers on Trustpilot
  •  Their process is completely free
  •  The application is completely non-binding
  •  Better overview with one loan and one invoice
  •  Professional and personal guidance by a permanent caseworker
  •  They promote your unique situation in the best way to our partners
  •  Loans and refinancing even if you have debt collection and payment remarks
  •  Fulfill the dream of housing with varying income
  •  The loan offer is valid for 30 days
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  • Akkuratt deg jeg trengte

    7 måneder ago


    Med Zen fikk jeg refinansiert som jeg ønsket med hjelp av boligen min. Dette hjalp veldig for min økonomi! 😃

    Skrevet av: Mette A.